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Joanna Kindell

Joanna Kindell


Joanna Kindell:  Born and raised in Salem Oregon, I knew at an early age that taking care of people was my life’s purpose.  Starting early in elementary school, I was a defender of those kids who people made fun of.  After serving in the Army, I began working at different residential/vocational sites that served adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).  My first business was childcare in my home, which grew into opening my home for kids (I/DD).  After 10 years working with kids with I/DD, my home transitioned to adults, which is who I currently provide supports for. 

Genee Robinson

Genee Robinson

VP of Operations

Born and raised in Salem Oregon. From a young age my mother has always helped people. She has always been a great role model and an example of someone with a heart to serve. Growing up I lived in the same household as individuals with disabilities, in doing so I grew to understand these individuals on a deeper level.

I’ve worked in many different homes/facilities around Oregon as well as in Kansas when my husband was enlisted in the Army. Realizing that not everyone enters this field with the intentions to help and truly care for individuals has made it clear to me the importance of genuine love is in this field. This moved me to follow in my mothers footsteps and assist her with the business and home she has founded, providing genuine love and care for the individuals who reside here.


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